The Pavee

the Pavee are a quasi-nomadic race of gypsy entertainers, pyschics and thieves.


A race of mocha-skinned quasi-nomadic humans, the Pavee can be classified as “natural” rogues, thieves, hedge wizards and fortune-tellers. They are generally tolerated (at best) by other humans and outright despised by dwarves and Tieflings. They call themselves the Travelers. They tend to travel as clan or family oriented groups and make their living as gem cutters, herbalists, potion-makers, metal smiths, weavers, dancers and entertainers.

The Pavee spend much of their life on the road, never settling for long in one place and as such, they gather bits and pieces of information about everything. A fortune-teller Pavee may make a special Old Lore check with a bonus equal to her level + her Intelligence modifier to see whether she knows some relevant information about local notable people, legendary items, or noteworthy places and superstitions.[1]

The Pavee fortune-teller has a sense of intuition that allows them to use their divination and scrying ability without memorization, this ability is known as Telling or the Tell. Although it is the only type of “spell” they know, they are able to “cast” it with a greater degree of accuracy than any other spellcaster – though generally it is at a heavy cost to the person who requested the telling. A payment in blood is always requested and must be fulfilled, or great calamity will befall the one who pays for the Tell.

The Pavee are adept at whatever skill or trade they choose to excel in, and are sought by nobles and the upper class for their excellent gem-cutting, metal smithing and weaving abilities; but a rare few do exhibit true divination powers. They can attempt to determine the future or past by drawing their energy from those around them, a variation of blood magic. They have learned, through hundreds of generations to “read” blood. The Pavee believe that blood is the source of life, but it is also the source of power. Few Pavee attempt anything more than simple predictions and brief glimpses into the not-so-distant future. To attempt to see more than a few weeks or months into the future or past is a source of great pain and misery, for the Pavee who asks and the one who pays to know.

The Pavee is a devotee of nature, and many have affinity with Earth Goddesses (like Beory) or Moon Goddess variants.

[1] This check will not reveal the powers of a magic item, but may give a hint as to its general function and the long (and usually tragic) story behind it; this sort of knowledge is essentially random. The DM will determine the Difficulty Class of the check by referring to the table on page 42 of the DMG.

The Pavee

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